Thursday, March 19, 2009

Secret Number 7

Secret number 7 is difficult to explain.

But, let me tell you a story ...

Wendy Lim is a junior accountant, earning a good RM3,500 monthly from her company even though it's only been three years since she graduated. All her friends make much less, and they are jealous of her. You could say that she is successful, for her age.
But to Wendy, something is not right.
She doesn't like the fact that she has to come home at 9pm on most days, and sometimes have to finish up her work in the weekend. She gets worried whenever she has to walk to the car park alone at night, or walk through the LRT station in darkness.
She hates the fact that she has to apply for her Chinese New Year leave two months in advance, only for the boss to cut it down from 7 days to just 4. "We need people working during that time", her boss explained.

"This is not fair." she thought. "But I have no choice ... "
Wendy soon realizes that although she's earning ok now, the chances of her getting promoted and making much more money in the company is very slim. Someone is already occupying the place she wants, and even though she is smarter and better, there is no way she will be promoted until that person gets promoted, leaves the company, or dies.
So two years pass by and one day her manager announces that she is leaving for another company.

Finally, Wendy's chance has come! This is the opportunity she has been waiting for. Surely, she is the best person to replace her manager since she knows the business inside and out, and all the clients love working with her.
She's just waiting for her offer letter.
But after one weekend, Wendy walks into her office and finds a new face at the empty desk her manager used to sit. "Who's this?" she thought.

She soon finds out that this is her new manager, Mrs. Chan. She is a woman who has no experience in the job, but was highly recommended by one of the senior partners in the company. She was put there because since she is from outside the company and comes from a different industry, so maybe she has something fresh and new to bring to the company.
Wendy's heart sank, and throughout the day she was fighting to hold back the tears and fight the disappointment. "But they should have chosen me ... " she thought quietly.
Something changed in Wendy that day.

In the weekend, she got an email talking about "making money online" and she reads it. It takes her to a website that talks about how she can get started for a low cost, and yet earn as much (or more) than the money she is making working 5-7 days a week.
Plus it promised her that she will be able to do it all from home, working whenever she wants. Wendy eyes almost popped out of its sockets and for the first time in years, she was really excited over something.

She buys the ebook and reads every single page carefully. Her mind explodes with new ideas, possibilities and for once, new hope.
Hope to change her life; hope to get rewarded for her hard work and talents.
Being an accountant, she quickly calculated that by following the formula outlined in the book, and working about 1-2 hours per day as suggested, she could probably make an extra

RM100 next month. She then calculated that if she continues based on this, after six months or so she can actually be making RM2,OOO or more.
"Not bad" she thought.
Being a smart and motivated lady, Wendy soon created her first website on the topic of "FOREX". It was something she already knew a little about so she thought it's the best place to start. She has a perfectly written site and was promoting FOREX ebooks and software that based on her research, sells very well.

She then goes out to some related forums and websites. Where ever she found people talking about FOREX, she joined in and provided great ideas and suggestion. On the bottom of each of her replies were links back to her FOREX website where people can go to read about the best FOREX products.

Wendy did everything right.
But she didn't understand the basic concept on Internet marketing: residual traffic and residual income.
After just a few days, Wendy's new boss got posted to do a job in Singapore and since she knew nothing, Wendy had to follow. She completely forgot about her little website. Plus, during the trip she got to know her boss better so she didn't hate her as much as before. Her boss seemed to get along well with her too.

For a while, everything seemed to fall back in place in Wendy's life.
With her trust renewed, Wendy became her smart, hardworking self and again she was working 9-9 every day, sometimes on the weekends too.
"Maybe it just wasn't my time yet .. " Wendy thought.
For now, she told herself to be satisfied and be grateful, because some people in this country can't even find a job!

Six months later, the manager's post is vacant again.
It turns out that Mrs. Chan requested for a transfer to the HR department, as she felt there is more opportunity there. She never said a word about it to anyone, however.
By this time Wendy is 100% sure it will be her turn, but she tells herself not to be too excited. In her heart however, she was already jumping for joy.

When she opened the door and stepped in, she saw an older-looking Indian man sitting at the seat that was supposed to be empty.
A strange but powerful feeling came over her, something she recognizes by now. It's called disappointment. Quietly she sat down on her desk and started to surf the net. She opened up the FOREX website again, and looked at it.

Then she logged into her ClickBank account and found, to her shock, that there was USD230 in her balance. "Where did this money come from?" she thought. It took her a few days to understand how this "magic" money appeared to come out of nowhere.
She finally understood.

Her 3 days of "work", replying to forum messages with a link to her website, had gotten her about 10-25 visitors every day for the past six months. Some of those people must have bought the affiliate products, and she got commissions from each sale.
Shocked at the results, Wendy asked herself the most important question in her life: "Why if I didn't give up back then?"
This time, she decided to get serious with it. No one will ever disappoint her again, not even herself.

Why am I telling you this story?
Wendy is a fake character, someone I created.
But people like Wendy are everywhere, real people wanting more money, more time, and more appreciation. Just look around your own office, you will see many "Wendys" around.
In fact, replace the name Wendy above with the name "Gobala Krishnan" and it will be close to the story of my life. Although I made my first commission online from affiliate marketing in 200l, it took me more than 3 years working for people who didn't appreciate my talents to realize that I should have been more serious with my online marketing project.
Six months after I quit my job in November 2005, at the age of 25, I made my first RMlO,OOO month online.

The interesting thing is this; everything I knew at that moment was not much different from what I knew in 2001. In fact, it's the same skills and knowledge that I had for years.
I just didn't do enough. I didn't treat it seriously.
Decide if you want to do this. Then do it.

Don't give yourself excuses. Don't wait for the "right time". Don't think you need to know everything about ClickBank or affiliate marketing to get started. Just start somewhere.
Residual income is the ultimate secret on Internet marketing. One website that I created in 2001 still makes me RM300+ every month even though I had not touched it at all for two years.
But what if I didn't do enough? What if I never took the first steps to get my site up and get some traffic to it? What if I had waited for the right time?
Every website you create will continue to get traffic and sales. This is a FACT.
Just follow the formula we have outlined in Sistem Rahsia ClickBank and two years down the road even if you're still stuck to your job, you could still be making an additional RM200-RM2,OOO monthly.
And who doesn't want that?

What Do You Do Now?

I trust by now, you know the 7 biggest secrets of making money online from ClickBank, as a Malaysian. I especially hope you understand the last secret and remember it for months to come.
Now it's the time to take action ...
But where do you start?

Secret Number 6: Multiple Related Offers

Another big secret of ClickBank millionaires - have multiple related offers ready.
Just because someone does not buy the product you are recommending at the moment, it does not mean they will not buy other related products.

For example: Assume you are promoting the top FOREX products.
Someone who visits your site may not be interested in the FOREX 4-5 ebooks or software you are promoting. But that does not mean they won't be interested in other ebooks, software or seminars. It does not mean they are not interested in other ways to make money like stock markets, Internet marketing, MLM or other methods.
They might be interested in any, or all of it!

But that does not mean that you need to promote 50 different products (see Secret Number 1). What it means is that after they reject your initial offer you can try to recommend them similar products they may be interested in.
You need to collect their names and email address, so you can email them later if you find any other related products. You can do this by using simple services like Aweber (

These are called •• email marketing" services, and they help you by providing a simple form that people can use to submit their name and email address. Once someone submits these details, they are automatically entered into your database.

You can then see how many "subscribers" you have, and send them en email anytime you want, until they decide to "opt-out" or "unsubscribe" from your database.

If you let go of them before getting their name and email address, or any other way to contact them again, you will never be able to offer them something else they might be interested in. That means you have to keep getting new visitors to your site in order to make money from ClickBank.
Take me for an example.

When I first started to make money from ClickBank, my site was getting a little bit of traffic and I was making 1-2 sales a day. But once these people bought though my affiliate link, they are gone. I don't know who they are, and never will.

Then I decided to use Aweber ( to collect their name and email addresses, and after more than two years you can see I have more than 20,000 people in my database. Today when I want to promote a ClickBank product, I just write a simple email to them and give them my affiliate link.
I don't even need to create a website anymore. I can if I want to and add even more people to my database, but I don't need to.
This is why all super affiliates make it a point to put a simple "opt-in" form on their site. Even if only 2 people subscribe in a day, that means an additional 60 "prospects" in a month, and in a year you could have over 700 people you can promote to, at ZERO cost and with almost ZERO effort.

Consider this: Why make RM100 from one person, when he is willing to give you RM1,OOO?
Always have multiple related products to promote, or you are just not making as much money as you are supposed to!